Our vision

Our vision at Security Fist (SF) is be a one stop shop for all your cyber security awareness and training needs. Our cybersecurity consultants and marketing team have worked with many international organizations to develop, customize, and enhance their security awareness posture. We have created our comprehensive security awareness program, Human Firewall, to achieve this vision.


The human firewall

SF’s Human Firewall provides security awareness training and security awareness programs that target all levels of users including general users, management, and IT staff. This program gets the users engaged in elevating the security posture of their organizations acting as a human firewall and a first line of defence.

Human Firewall offers industry leading security awareness classes, tools and resources so that security awareness officers can easily and effectively manage their human cybersecurity risk and compliance needs. The SF Human Firewall program includes all the training, tools, guidance and support security awareness officers need to simply and effectively build and deliver a best-in-class program.