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  • Security awareness is always
    overlooked by organizations.
    Although threat actors continue developing advanced
    techniques to evade security controls, the human factor
    remains the main method of malicious payload delivery.


Not only can our LMS be used with our awareness contents, but it can also act as a learning hub for any SCORM compliant e-courses. We have also complemented our LMS and e-contents with a set of services that would help organizations of all sizes to assess and improve their security awareness program. Our Awareness program follows a proven methodology based on our vast experience across various geos and industries.

Our team developed organized, colorful and eye-catching infographics to stress your security awareness messages.

Posters and Rollups are a cornerstone to any security awareness program.


Email shot messages provide a smart, professional and cost-effective way in raising the awareness of your audience.



Learn with fun!
Security awareness through interactive games is proven to achieve user engagement and information retention.


Short, concise and to the point. Nothing says it better than our videos.



E-leaning contents need to be fun, interactive, and informational.



Who we are

We are a team of security experts with a passion for security awareness. Over the years, we have worked in different security domains, and every time we came to a single realization, which is the importance of the human factor in any security program.

200+ clients across 17 locations

Trust SecurityFist with online security knowledge

Our services

Why wait for an attack to target your organization to determine its resilience to phishing attacks?


We established an effective approach to developing and increasing the level of security awareness at an organization

Our training sessions offer different activities to enforce users’ interaction.

Our Assessment services methodology uses different sets of techniques to assess your awareness program

Our workshops successfully increase your organization's ability to manage cybersecurity risks.

Where to find us?


1st floor Business Center, Dubai World Central (DWC)

P.O. Box: 712150



43835 Eagle Edge SQ # 301 VA 20176 United States

Security Fist (HQ)


Security Fist – Sales Office

118 Sherwood Street NW Calgary, AB T3R 0P1 Canada