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Simplified Risk Management Workflow with a user-friendly interface and wizards, getting insight into your organization’s risk just became easier.

Our risk management workflow is simple:

  • • Define your scope of assessment.
  • • Select the assets that you need to assess their risk.
  • • Identify the applicable threats and vulnerabilities.
  • • Select the appropriate controls that should address those risks. 



Already working with spreadsheets, import them into the risk register or manually create unique organizational risks.




The risk module integrates with the compliance module by allowing compliance or audit gaps to be escalated to the risk register. 

Appropriate controls and statements from the Governance Module is linked to the risk mitigation platform, you can add/modify those controls to meet your desired level of risk, and your residual risk that you can approve in the organization. 



Tasks for addressing the risks shall be assigned to entities in the organization based on their role and responsibilities.



Simple and precise risk calculation is included in the built-in methodology, which could be modified/customized as per your needs.


 All results are generated and communicated through different levels of reports and dashboards that will increase the efficiency of performing the Risk Management tasks.