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Join Us at the Forefront of Cybersecurity: Visit Security Fist at MENA ISC 2023

With the rapid advancements in technologies such as AI and the convergence of IT, OT & IoT, the cyber security landscape is evolving at an unparalleled pace. These changes are accompanied by massive opportunities as well as significant risks and challenges, especially in the realm of cognitive cyber. To address this, the MENA ISC 2023 conference will bring together experts, thought leaders, and industry practitioners to delve into critical topics and collaborative solutions. Leading cybersecurity services provider Security Fist will play a key role as a Silver Sponsor at the conference.

Key Highlights of MENA ISC 2023

  • Date: 12 - 13 SEP 2023
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Location: Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences
  • Register Here

The two-day conference will cover diverse areas including AI in energy industry resilience, OT security, cloud security, cyber resilience, digital transformation, and the impact of emerging technologies like VR and deep fake on cyber security.

The role of AI in cyber security — both as a tool for detection and protection, and as a potential weapon in the hands of cyber criminals — will be a significant focus. By exploring the latest technologies and threats, MENA ISC 2023 aims to build effective strategies and optimize ROI in cyber defense.

Security Fist Workshops

Session 1: Information Security Governance from the ISACA CISM Training Seminar  

Based on the ISACA CISM Certification, this workshop will cover the key principles every security professional should understand about the Information Security Governance, covering aspects of: Security, Risk, Compliance, Law, and Regulations. What delegates will learn how to:

  • Enterprise Governance Overview
  • Organizational Culture, Structures, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Legal, Regulatory and Contractual Requirements
  • Information Security Strategy
  • Security Awareness
  • Information Governance Frameworks and Standards
  • Strategic Planning

Session 2: Information Security Incident Management from the ISACA CISM Training Seminar

Based on the ISACA CISM Certification, this workshop will cover the key principles every security professional should understand about security incident management, covering aspects of: Foundational Concepts, Investigations, Incident Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity. What delegates will learn how to:

  • Incident Management and Incident Response Overview
  • Incident Management and Response Plans
  • Incident Classification and Categorization
  • Incident Management Operations, Tools and Technologies
  • Incident Investigation, Evaluation, Containment and Communication
  • Incident Eradication, Recovery and Review
  • Business Impact and Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Training, Testing and Evaluation

About Security Fist

Security Fist's involvement as a Silver Sponsor underscores their commitment to fostering a culture of security within organizations. With a decade-long track record, they offer services such as risk assessments, data protection, awareness training, and incident response. Their consultative approach tailors strategies to individual client needs, making cybersecurity a strategic advantage.

Based in the UAE, Security Fist has a global reach across various industries, holding numerous awards and accolades for its innovative work in cybersecurity.

Contact: For more information about Security Fist's services and how they can strengthen your human firewall, visit or contact

A Not-to-Miss Opportunity

MENA ISC 2023 promises to be a hub of innovation, collaboration, and discussion, offering attendees insights into the cutting-edge of cybersecurity. The presence of Security Fist adds a layer of prestige and practical expertise, making this an essential event for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of the modern cyber landscape. Mark the dates and seize the opportunity to be part of this vital dialogue in one of the fastest-evolving fields today.

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